How Focus on the Family Can Support Your Ministry

Domestic violence, infidelity, poor communication, finances, addictions and even different parenting styles can result in relationship breakdown. All of these are happening inside and outside the church.

Technology, pornography, sex, mental health – these are just a few of the issues parents and young people are facing.

These issues are complex and not easy to get right every time. Especially when you just feel like you need more time, support and resources.

We invite you to watch this webinar to help you address some the challenges you face in ministering to families.

Discover how to overcome resource scarcity, time limitations, and gain the support you need to navigate today’s family issues.

You’ll get access to exclusive content, resources, training and guidance. At Focus on the Family Australia, we’re committed to empowering you to strengthen your ministries – because as your ministry thrives, so do the families you serve.