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The institution of marriage and family is under assault. Infidelity, sexual addiction, and divorce are at an all-time high, both in the church and the wider community. Traditional marriage, created by God, is being eroded, and as a result of marriage breakdown, children and families suffer. We believe that family is at the core of our society and everything we do revolves around our vision; a strong nation built by strong families.

With the recent plebiscite result, we see a nation divided. The church and christian organisations are typically recognized for what we are against, but we strive to be known for what we are for; strengthening families and relationships. As such, we are always looking for creative ways to reach and impact our nation; to educate, encourage, empower and show empathy to all.

“My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and have two boys. We have come to a point in our marriage where all we do is find fault and criticize each other. If not for the fact that I cannot survive on my own financially, we would probably have separated already. There is so much pain and rejection and frustration and yet, both of us want to try and fix the mess we are in. Is there a marriage course or something you can recommend for us to try please?”

We plan to develop a marriage mentoring program to train mentors to come alongside struggling marriages, just like the couple above and the many others we receive calls and emails from. Within the next 24 months, we aim to have 1000 marriage mentors trained and released in their local church and community, to lower the divorce rate and help make good marriages great.

A marriage mentor could come alongside a newlywed or a couple preparing for marriage, help repair a strained marriage or improve an already good marriage.

Those that participate in this mentoring program would receive helpful advice, not only for their marriage, but be equipped with the skills and tools to support others. There are many common issues, for example, communication, dealing with conflict, handling money and sexual intimacy. Normalizing these common issues will convey that they are not alone and most importantly provide hope. In turn, those that benefit from a mentor relationship may consider doing the same, and we could see a culture changing and 1,000’s of marriages flourishing as a result.

We need to raise $25,000 to ensure that we can impact the marriages of our nation; fostering and nurturing marriages in need of help. Your pledge goes directly towards creating the content, developing the platform and providing ongoing support to the mentors. The project is scheduled to start January 2018, so it’s important to pledge your support as soon as you can.

We’re excited to share our new initiative and give you the opportunity to take part in creating stronger marriages.
Together we can see Australian families and relationships strengthened.

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