We provide reliable well-founded talks on family and personal life for a variety of audiences. Talks are tailored to suit cultural and social factors. Contact us to organise a talk.

Sectors and Topics

We cover a broad range of topical matters for students, teachers and parents. All topics are presented using evidence-based research in a fun, interactive way with time for Q&A. Our key talks are Healthy Identity, Choices, Technology & Sexuality, Teacher Life, Parenting 101 and Parenting the BIG issues.

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We believe that one of the roles we play is to be a conduit between the community and the church. Many of the challenges facing people in your community are similar to those inside your church; we all need help in being the best versions of ourselves. Our key talks are Parenting Today, Keeping the Spark Alive, Healthy “Next” Generation and Talking about Mental Health.

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Being successful in your career is one thing, being successful in your family life is another. Effectiveness as a staff member professionally can sometimes be a reflection of how things are at the ‘home front’ and in the ‘office’. Our talks are Healthy Conflict Resolution, Work Life Balance and Talking about Mental Health.