Speak with a pastoral care/counsellor

Focus on the Family Australia offers a one-time, complimentary telephone consultation from a Christian perspective with one of our in-house staff and/or email you some resources.

Everyone needs support from time to time

Most of us, if we have supportive friends and/or family, will weather most situations with God’s help. However, at times, we may:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the difficulty we are facing
  • Experience changes in appetite and/or sleep patterns, a decreased ability to concentrate, persistent sadness, diminished interest in life and/or feelings of hopelessness
  • Lack support from our usual support base
  • Experience prolonged, chronic worry about ourself or others
  • Begin using substances or activities in order to cope (“self-medicating”)
  • Have difficulty managing emotions (e.g. experience greater irritability or cry a lot)

At these times, you may wish to consult a pastoral care/counsellor for additional support. You are welcome to start with a consultation with one of our staff, who can then advise you how you can gain further support for the issue you are experiencing.

Request to speak with a pastoral care/counsellor

Your one-time consultation is available at no cost; it is our gift, generously made possible by our faithful donors.

To book your appointment, please fill in your details with a brief summary of your situation and our pastoral care / counsellor will contact you by email or phone.

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