… thanks to the support of friends like you!

This year marks the 30th birthday of Focus on the Family Australia!

It’s a major milestone for the ministry and one that simply wouldn’t be possible without the generous support and faithful prayer of so many friends like you.

Since the beginning, when Dr Glenn Williams saw the corrosion of the family unit in Australia and joined forces with Focus on the Family – founded in the USA by leading psychologist and Christian author Dr James Dobson – the support of faithful friends like you has helped to change lives.

On every step of the journey over the past 30 years, the support, encouragement, feedback and prayer of friends like you have formed the backbone of the ministry.

You’ve seen the impact of Australian-produced programs such as Drug-Proofing Your Kids and Starting Points in protecting the most vulnerable. And as the ministry expanded, other programs were added, such as No Apologies, Bring Home the Prodigals and The Truth Project.

Your generosity and God’s faithfulness helped bring the ministry through some very lean times just after the Global Financial Crisis, and the ministry continued to grow in influence, particularly on the airwaves, utilising programs from the USA and producing our own.

Today, more than 1.8 million people every week can hear thousands of programs on over 800 stations across Australia!

You’ve also seen that content move to digital platforms including YouTube, social media, webinars and, most recently, FamilyCast to ensure that a new generation can enjoy God-honouring content that strengthens family relationships.

Your support has helped to create numerous video series including the Talking About series on early parenting, primary school-aged parenting, the sexuality maze, technology and social media, mental health and wellbeing, and more. 

You’re also helping to reach thousands of students and young people as Focus on the Family Australia has been invited to speak, train and preach in schools and churches all over the nation.

One of the highlights recently has been hosting the Real Life: Real Love marriage retreats, where we have seen real change. Marriages that would have otherwise disintegrated have instead been strengthened and restored.

At the end of 2022, a new marriage retreat called Journey To Us began, and with God’s blessing will grow in the coming years.

And your reach is growing as these programs are shared not only with a Christian audience, but with more and more people with no church or faith background.

So thank you for your unwavering support, prayer and encouragement throughout the past 30 years. May the best years be ahead of us as together we look to impact even more families across Australia!

A 30-year legacy, thanks to you

Since 1993, Focus on the Family Australia has been able to champion marriage and strengthen families to thrive thanks to the generosity of you and others just like you.

1993: Focus on the Family Australia is born, delivering programs such as Drug-Proofing Your Kids.

2008: Focus on the Family Australia develops content for Australian radio.

2013: Focus on the Family Australia becomes funded solely by Australian donors.

2018: 25th Anniversary celebrating thousands of Australian families supported with the provision of resources through the website, YouTube, Facebook, seminars and 750 radio stations across the country, even in remote regions.

2019: Focus on the Family Australia launches Talking About Early Parenting and Real Life: Real Love marriage retreats.

2020: Focus on the Family Australia outlines five strategic priorities and builds on its new programs even as the COVID-19 pandemic begins.

So a huge thank you to you for your passion and generosity to help see Australian families thrive, from me and all the team here at Focus on the Family Australia. I’m looking forward to what God will do through your generosity in 2023!

Brett Ryan

Focus on the Family Australia

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