She has an endless list of to-dos. She cleans, cooks meals and maintains order in the midst of chaotic schedules and activities. She sacrifices most of her time, energy and focus to provide and care for her family. She’s a mother — who’s a modern-day hero without a badge or cape.

Husbands may often wonder what in the world to give their wife on Mother’s Day. Roses and cards are nice, but what would she truly love? Here are some suggestions that may meet the desires of your wife’s heart on Mother’s Day.

Surprise her with a spotless house

Send your wife to have a soak in the bath or meet with a friend for a walk. Then rally the children and give each of them a couple of chores. Spend the time she’s away cleaning and tidying up so she can come back to a pristine house.

If you tend to struggle with tidiness, make every effort to clean up after yourself. You may never know how much placing your clothes in the drawers or putting the dishes into the dishwasher blesses her. Look out for tasks that she would normally take care of. 1 John 3:18 says “let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” If you complete a task that you know will bless your wife, she’ll see a little more clearly how much you love her.

Encourage her with words of affirmation

In the busyness of keeping up with schedules, schoolwork and cleaning, your wife can lose sight of the truth of who she is. She’ll most likely encounter days where she simply feels inadequate as a mum. Whispers of self-doubt and lies can creep in easily. In a study of 80,000 mothers, researchers concluded that most mothers experience a gradual decline of self-esteem after their children turn six months old.

Proverbs 16:24 describes gracious words like a “honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.” Your honest words of encouragement can refresh her more than you’d think and motivate her to become a better mother.

Be the spiritual leader of the home

Ephesians 6:4 urges fathers to point their children to Christ and “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Many wives desire this for their husbands. Set aside times to pray as a family and for your wife on Mother’s Day and the days afterward. One mother we interviewed claimed that whenever her husband prayed for her with his family, she was inspired to be a better mum.

Schedule a time for each day to read Scripture with your family. Psalm 119:11 encourages believers to store God’s Word in their hearts to prevent them from sinning. Even if it’s for 15 minutes, speaking the Word of God can be more powerful than you’d think.

Plant her a garden

If your wife is fond of flowers, gather all the children and take a trip to your local home improvement store to pick up some of her favourites. Plant a garden bed together while she relaxes on Mother’s Day.

If you don’t own a patch of land, consider purchasing some of her favourite flowers or small plants for the windowsills of your home. Adding some flowers and greenery to a room can transform it to life.

Spend quality time together

Life with children can often drain opportunities to spend time as a couple. When regulations allow, call a babysitter and go on an adventure together with some of her favourite activities. Maybe that looks like biking round a nearby lake or picking up her favourite coffee together and strolling on a beautiful trail. Perhaps you could surprise her by visiting a special spot where you met for the first time and having a picnic with her favourite lunch.

Whatever it is, make sure your wife has no major tasks or responsibilities that deplete her time and energy on Mother’s Day. Let her breathe, relax and soak in her day, reminding her of the modern-day hero she is.

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Heather Drabinsky

Heather Drabinsky is a Content Producer in the Marriage department at Focus on the Family.

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