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As parents, we know how special our children are to us, but have you told your kids they are uniquely and wonderfully created? I enjoy seeing my children’s smiles when I describe how God made each of them with the exact colour of eyes, the right texture of hair and the precise shape of nose. We look at our fingers and talk about how the patterns on each one belong only to us. We marvel that there never has been and never will be other humans just like us.

God also gives each child specific skills and talents. Because people are designed for His purposes (Ephesians 2:10), the very things they like to do and are good at doing were designed by God. Reassuring children of their distinctiveness helps them to see that it is OK to be different. When we tell our children that God created them for specific jobs, they can feel secure knowing they are part of God’s plan.

Jeremiah was told that God knew him before he was even formed. Psalm 139 talks about how each person is woven and knit in his mother’s womb. God does not create mistakes. Our children need to know they are on this earth because God wants them here. They are important, and He loves them.

Being uniquely and wonderfully made is a gift. Help your children see how truly special they are to their Creator.

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Catherine L. Osornio

Author Catherine lives in Southern California with her husband and four children.

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