Lisa Anderson, Focus on the Family’s Director of Young Adults and also host of "The Boundless Show" podcast, joins our hosts, Jim Daly and John Fuller to talk about singleness. She shares that the single years can be some of the best years of your life which can be used with intentionality to grow in your relationship with God, with friends and your eventual spouse. Lisa has written a book, The Dating Manifesto, in which she recounts her own story of assuming marriage would happen without pursuing it and the lessons she wishes she had learned in her 20’s. She talks about the need for singles to be intentional in their search, how to date with purpose, how to prevent "dating death" and the importance of forming a community around you to help you "meet and marry." Lisa and our hosts discuss the pitfalls of online dating and the importance of the church to come alongside singles instead of just putting them at the "kid’s table." At the close, they answer questions from the audience. Part 2 of 2.

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