Today’s broadcast features the first part of a prerecorded speech given at a women’s conference sponsored by Precept Ministries. Dorie Van Stone gives her testimony of having been deposited in a strict, uncaring orphanage. She rebelled and became an ornery, outwardly mean child, yet inwardly longing to be held and loved. She describes the degradation of being overlooked, as couples chose other children to adopt. At 13, a group came for a religious meeting, where the phrase, "God loves you" became her life raft to salvation and a personal encounter with Someone who loved her as she was. She was sent from the orphanage to a family, where she was impoverished, degraded and physically abused. Sustained by a small New Testament, given to her as a parting gift by a Christian matron at the orphanage, she fed
spiritually on God’s Word and clung to the promise of His love. The words to the song, "He’s Everything" reflect her joy at finally discovering that God loved her, even when nobody else did

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