The Rev. Lon Solomon continues his account on day two of this broadcast by telling how the street evangelist presented the Gospel to him, then gave him a Bible – his first Bible ever. While reading the Bible, Jesus’ words in Matthew spoke to Lon and he prayed a prayer of salvation and was later baptised by the street evangelist in a pond outside Chapel Hill. Lon decided to go home and tell his family what he had done, but first he reconnected with his childhood nanny, Cora, a Christian who tries to prepare him for potential disappointment when he reveals his faith to his Jewish family. Lon describes his family’s negative reaction to his conversion, but then his father’s later acceptance of Jesus Christ as His Saviour a week before he died. He talks about the connection between Judaism and Christianity and asserts that the only way to find assurance, contentment, and peace is through a personal relationship with Christ, the Messiah.

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