Pastor Lon and Brenda Solomon have a 23-year-old daughter, Jill, who began experiencing grand mal seizures when she was just a few months old and she continued to have daily multiple seizures for about eight years. As a result, Jill is severely retarded and requires 24/7 care. Her ongoing health problems made marriage and family life with their three sons extremely difficult. Although grounded in their Christian faith, the Solomons were physically, emotionally and spiritually drained until God intervened and sent some special friends who taught them the value of “respite care” – a break from caregiving responsibilities. As a result, the Solomons encouraged their church (McLean Bible Church, where Lon is pastor) to embrace and welcome the local special-needs community. In 2010 they opened a respite care facility
called “Jill’s House,” which provides day programs and overnight stays for special-needs kids, thus giving the gift of respite care in the name of the Lord to these families.

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