Our hosts, Jim Daly and John Fuller, welcome Chuck Colson and his daughter, Ms. Emily Colson to today’s broadcast and they discuss Emily’s book, "Dancing with Max: A Mother Who Broke Free," about raising her autistic son, Max as a single mother. Emily shares that this experience is very lonely and isolating, but she has come to look at Max as a gift from God and a person who has the ability to touch others’ lives in significant ways. Chuck explained that earlier in life, he was too busy building a career to be a good father. But after becoming a Christian, he worked at rebuilding relationships with his children, including Emily and became a "crusader" to tell fathers to make families their first priority after God. Chuck stated that Max has taught him a great deal and helped he and Emily bond as father and daughter again. Emily encourages listeners to "be there" for families with autistic children, helping and supporting them in practical ways.

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