Emily Colson reached a crisis point as she parented her then 9-year-old autistic son, Max. She couldn’t go on as they
were – isolated at home. She determined that, with God’s help, she and Max would venture out into the world and live
each day as if it were their last, ignoring stares of others who didn’t understand autism. Since then, she reports finding
joy with Max and shares touching and humorous stories about her son, including having his grandfather, Chuck Colson,
baptise him in Chuck’s pool. John Fuller shares his experiences with their son, Zane, who also is autistic and John states
that he has learned to cope by realising that, much like Zane’s misbehaviour, he himself can also be challenging to his
heavenly Father. Emily and Chuck offer encouragement and advice to parents of autistic children and ask them to
consider them gifts from God and precious in His sight. They also challenge churches to support families with special
needs and pick up where the government leaves off, especially when these children reach age 22 and lose benefits.

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