The journey of motherhood holds plenty of joy, but it can be isolating too.

Many mothers struggle with a sense of labouring in obscurity, unseen and undervalued in their role. Frequently, too, mums struggle with a sense of failure – of not measuring up to some idealised concept of what a great mum should be.

For us as mums, those tensions can lead to a tug of war in our relationships. We crave friendship with other mums, yet we’re always comparing with other mums, to see how we measure up.

This free devotional will help you leave behind those feelings of insecurity, so you can openly and honestly reach out to other mums and forge deep, grace-filled friendships.

The 12 devotions in this free download include:

  • 3 meditations to encourage you in your role as a mum
  • 3 meditations to help you reach out to other mums
  • 6 meditations to help you rest confidently in who you are as a mum – one who is precious to God.
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