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Are you a parent who wants to take proactive action to protect your kids from the risks of Internet pornography?

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is an illustrated book that parents read with their children. It is designed for 5 to 10 year olds, and it explains the workings of the brain, how addictions can develop, and most importantly of all, it gives children a strategy that includes practical steps to take if they are confronted with pornography.

Neurosurgeon and associate professor of neuroscience, Dr Donald L Hilton, calls Good Pictures Bad Pictures a “remarkable and timely tool to teach the neuroscience of avoiding pornography addiction in a way that kids can easily understand."

What makes Good Pictures Bad Pictures so unique and invaluable is the fact that it equips children with important knowledge and a practical strategy for pro-actively dealing with pornography before most have even had a chance to be exposed to it. This book is already a best-seller overseas, and parents are calling it “an amazing work" and “a great way to talk to children about pornography without the awkward, uncomfortable feeling.”

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