On today’s broadcast, we hear Rob Parsons, speaking at a Focus on the Family event in Naples Florida in March 2008, as he shares his heart for prodigals and their families. He states that sometimes: 1) We have made people prodigals who weren’t prodigals to begin with by being critical of unimportant things; 2) Some people carry the weight of guilt for prodigals they have no right to carry. He encourages parents to catch their prodigals doing something right and praise them for it and continue loving them, demonstrating God’s love; 3) When the father’s house is filled with His love, prodigals will come home; and 4) Hope and pray that they meet the father before they meet the critical older brother. He concludes by urging parents to pray for their prodigals and for children everywhere, in their communities, nations and also for those still in the womb.

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