In this two-day "Focus on the Family," Jim Daly and John Fuller are joined by author Sherry Surratt, as well as Jean Daly, Jim’s wife, to discuss Sherry’s book, "Brave Mom: Facing and Overcoming Your Real Mom Fears." Both women share transparently about the fears they have struggled with throughout their motherhood journey and what God has taught them through the process. They discuss some of the common fears mums face, such as: Will I measure up as a mum? Will my child be safe and protected from illness? Will my identity change as a mum? Then Sherry gives the seven habits of better mums, which are: 1) form a swat team of support; 2) prioritise spiritual development, 3) invest in who they were before they were mums; 4) give themselves margin; 5) keep their sense of humour, 6) invest in their marriage and 7) parent with the eternal end in mind.

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